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Striking Balance

Leadership Development


Leadership Development


At Centrum, we excel at:

  • Helping leaders become more centered, versatile and balanced

  • Assessing executive and management candidates to insure the best hire

  • Developing teams to be more focused and productive

  • Driving organizations to become conflict competent



Leadership and Organizational Development Services



Coaching is a wise investment which can help to realize the potential of your leaders by leveraging their strengths and creating self-awareness. Centrum offers 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year coaching engagements for executives and emerging leaders utilizing diagnostic tools including the Hogan personality assessments and the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI). This blend of personality assessment and 360-degree feedback provides each client with a comprehensive blueprint of how they are hard-wired and perceived by others in the workplace. We help leaders achieve balance and versatility in their leadership style which we believe are the keys to excellence. Our programs also underscore conflict competency to enhance individuals’ abilities to effectively prevent, deescalate and manage conflict. Coaching programs are tailored to the individual and emphasis is placed on the development of an action plan for improvement tied to business results.

Executive & Management Assessment

Utilizing the suite of Hogan instruments, we help evaluate new candidates for hiring consideration and assess current employees to determine readiness for new roles and responsibilities. People are frequently hired for their intelligence which is usually measured by IQ. We all want to hire smart people, but these individuals are often fired for something else, typically poor communication skills or an inability to get along with others in the workplace. The failure rate for leaders exceeds 50% and this costly turnover seriously hurts productivity and morale. Studies have shown that combining assessment with behavioral interviewing leads to the selection and promotion of higher performing leaders, better cultural fit and stronger retention.

Team Building

Not all teams have the skills and complementary profiles required to perform at a high level- even when comprised of very talented and motivated people. Great teams are no accident. Aristotle said: “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” It takes careful planning to ensure that the team includes the right mix of people and a concentrated effort to ensure that the members communicate with one another to produce superior results.

Centrum offers two core TEAM BUILDING WORKSHOPS in ½, full, or two-day formats. These include The Five Dysfunctions of a Team based on the work of noted author Patrick Lencioni as well as Hogan Team Discovery which provides you a snapshot of your team’s personality profile and how members fulfill key roles critical for team performance.

Conflict Management & Dispute Resolution

Destructive conflict is perhaps the largest reducible expense within an organization. In fact, the two fastest ways to improve bottom line profitability are increasing revenues and managing conflict more effectively. On average, supervisors spend six hours a week dealing with conflict and line employees spend even more time than that. In a company with 500 employees, the cost of poorly managed conflict can exceed $3M a year in lost productivity. Litigation expenses can easily exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars per case. We help you drive the resolution of conflict down to the lowest level at the lowest possible cost.

Centrum offers TRAINING WORKSHOPS to build constructive conflict management skills and strategies among supervisors and employees. Workshops include: Enhancing Union/Management Relations; Anti-Discrimination/Harassment; Conflict De-escalation; Negotiations and Conflict Communications.  All conflict workshops are specifically designed to eliminate adversarial relations and create a collaborative working environment that focuses on common interests.

We also provide INTERNAL MEDIATION SERVICES to help companies resolve disputes at the lowest level and lowest possible cost. Mediation is a process in which a neutral skilled practitioner facilitates a dialogue between two or more parties to resolve disagreements, foster improved communication and preserve important relationships. It’s a powerful and durable way to resolve conflict because of self-determination—the parties ultimately maintain control of the outcome, and confidentiality—the dialogue in mediation cannot become part of any future legal proceeding. This promotes openness and candor which often can lead to a quicker resolution. By mediating disagreements internally, your company prevents the dispute from expanding outside the organization, diminishes employment-related litigation expenses and eliminates the damaging negative publicity that frequently occurs when conflicts spiral out of control.


We also offer PRIVATE MEDIATION SERVICES through Jeff Husserl our managing principal: