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Striking Balance





Centrum partners with Hogan Assessments and Kaiser Leadership Solutions to offer personality assessment and 360-degree feedback for work in executive assessment, coaching and the development of emerging leaders. As a distributor of both Hogan and Kaiser products and services, Centrum stands ready to help you raise the level of your talent to compete in a challenging global marketplace. 

Hogan is the pioneer in utilizing personality assessment to drive organizational success while Kaiser’s pioneering 360 degree assessment, The LVI,  evaluates  a leader' versatility using a behavioral model that represents the tensions and trade-offs that make leadership a balancing act.



Hogan Assessments


There are many personality instruments from which to choose. What makes Hogan different? First, Hogan evaluates reputation unlike most assessments which measure identity. Personality has two parts: identity and reputation. Identity is personality from the inside- how we see ourselves. We create our identity and it changes over time and doesn’t necessarily reflect reality. How we view ourselves isn’t always how others view us. Conversely, reputation is personality from the outside, how others perceive us. Reputation tends to remain stable over time and is a good predictor of job performance. Reputation is what matters on the job.

Additionally, Hogan evaluates executive derailers. These traits can be classified as overused strengths—too much of a good thing. While not necessarily observed in a leader’s day-to-day behavior, they become visible when a person is under stress and can disrupt relationships, damage reputations and hinder a person’s chance of success.


Hogan’s Core Instruments

Hogan Development Survey (HDS)

Identifies the “dark side” of personality. These career derailers include characteristics that may be strengths under normal circumstances. However, when we’re under stress and unable to manage our behavior, they are overutilized and can become damaging career obstacles.

Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)

Measures bright side personality—what people see when we’re at our best. It measures our strengths and determines leadership style, judgement and our ability to get along and get ahead.

Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

This instrument explores the core values and goals that drive a leader’s behavior, aspirations and expectations about life. These values drive culture in an organization.



Kaiser Leadership Solutions


Kaiser’s Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) is a 360 degree assessment utilized for development purposes. It’s not a year-end performance appraisal but rather a vehicle to provide feedback to a leader about strengths and opportunities for improvement. The 360 approach reflects a full circle of feedback including a self-appraisal and evaluations from a boss, peers and subordinates. While the Hogan describes how a leader is “hard-wired”, the LVI  presents information about how a leader’s behavior actually plays out in the workplace.

The LVI  is based on the concept of “balanced” leadership and we believe the most effective leaders are those that are versatile or balanced in their approach. Centrum incorporates information from the LVI and Hogan as primary diagnostic tools in our coaching practice. This allows our clients to identify the most important core competencies and behavioral steps needed to achieve balanced leadership.


Kaiser’s Assessment Tool

LEadership Versatility Index (LVI)


The Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) is a simple yet powerful 360-degree feedback instrument based on a leadership model that consists of two pairs of opposing but complementary approaches. These two oppositions outline the tensions and trade-offs that make management a balancing act. One pair, Forceful and Enabling, concerns style, how one leads. The other pair, Strategic and Operational, concerns the organizational issues which a leader focuses on- what one leads. The best leaders are those who are versatile, able to strike the proper balance between the opposing dimensions.