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Private Mediation


Private Mediation


Centrum’s Managing Principal, Jeff Husserl, provides private mediation services to help parties resolve employment and workplace conflict, family business discord and quarrels that arise in personal relationships.

We are prone to declare war on problems rather than working together to resolve them.
— Jeff Husserl


About Jeff Husserl

Named by the Los Angeles District Office of the EEOC as the 2018 Pro Bono Mediator of the Year

  • Extensive experience mediating employment discrimination charges for the Los Angeles and San Diego offices of the EEOC

  • Resolved Small Business Disputes in Orange County and Los Angeles Superior Court

  • 25 years in corporate America serving as an executive and senior leader in public and private companies

  • Held executive responsibility for multiple functions in a public company including Human Resources, Legal, Compliance, Property Management, and Marketing

  • Served on Corporate, Association, and Not-For-Profit Boards

  • 40-hour certification from Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago, IL

  • Master of Business Administration from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management

  • Master of Dispute Resolution from top-rated Straus Institute at Pepperdine University School of Law



Areas of Practice

Leveraging his extensive experience in Human Resources and Employee Relations as well as with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Jeff Husserl focuses his practice on Workplace and Employment Mediation. He also handles a variety of other disputes including, but not limited to, Family Business, Small Claims and Personal Relationships.

While conflict is a reality in every workplace, it can be managed more constructively so that disputes are resolved through early intervention. Many of these disagreements result from poor communication, misunderstandings, unclear expectations and ineffective first level management. Jeff uses facilitative skills to mediate these employee disputes before they escalate and become costly in terms of lost productivity or outside legal expenses. In the event that a workplace dispute rises to the level of employment/EEO litigation, Jeff utilizes his broad and deep HR experience to help both parties understand the risks and opportunities associated with the case. He is an expert in managing the mediation process, while simultaneously maintaining laser focus on settlement.

While face-to-face mediations are usually most effective, sometimes parties cannot appear in person due to budget or travel constraints. In these situations, Jeff brings the parties to the table utilizing Zoom Mediation - videoconferencing with high definition audio and video as well as private electronic meeting rooms. It's the next best thing to being there.


Neutrality is essential, but I view it as a multi-directional partiality: I’m on everyone’s side so that we can engage in a constructive dialogue and reach an agreement.
— Jeff Husserl